About us

Who we are

With Plastercraft having nearly 70 years of history and product knowledge Chris and Camille Hughes are very proud to have purchased Plastercraft in 2019 with plans to restore the factory to it’s hay day but with a modern flare. We are fortunate to still have the existing team on board to show us the way while we learn the craft.

High quality plaster products tailored by you

Working with us

If you are looking for specialist products that are little bit out of the ordinary and special whether it be heritage, modern, an art feature, replicating a damaged piece or something custom we can do it. In some cases we have saved money by being able to replicate products that are no longer produced or needed to be imported from overseas.

Our services

We provide Residential, Commercial and Architectural services. Fibrous plaster can be moulded into any shape or form, throughout the centuries, architects and builders have used plaster to capture the character and style of their time, shaping ideas into lasting reality and documenting history. Many of our modern pieces draw inspiration from traditional architecture, but with a modern twist. We also restore traditional and heritage pieces, as we recognise the meaning and importance that this has in our city.