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The Masters In Fibrous Plaster Products.

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Trading since 1951.

Our team of highly skilled craftsmen can tackle any project, big or small. We specialise in traditional restorations, as well as creating custom mouldings, tailored by you, to suit your home, commercial building or architectural design. 

We manufacture a range of quality products, Whether you’re after a fire surround, cornice, a house lot of wetherslate roofing tiles or just a single light centre it can be purchased right here on the web or from our showroom at 447 St Asaph Street, Christchurch.

We Take Great Pride In The Detail And Precision That Goes Into Every Piece We Do


At Plastercraft, we offer a full range of cost-efficient services.
Our experienced team work hard to deliver high standards of work, completing projects smoothly, and to specification requirements.


We are skilled in creating custom mouldings as well as traditional pieces, tailored by you, to suit your home and your style. 


If you are looking to make a commercial building look modern, professional and give it that extra impression – we are the masters.


From the traditions of the past to the clean modern lines of today, fibrous plaster can add grace, beauty and individuality to any room.

Our Products

We have a range of quality plaster products to suit your individual needs. Some of our most popular products include:

  • Fire surrounds & Hearths 
  • Cornices  
  • Ceiling domes
  • Ceiling roses
  • Archways, Corbells & Plinths

Carrying on the traditions of the past, Plastercraft have also diversified into new product lines such as:

  • Exterior Columns 
  • Pedestals  
  • Custom GRC (Glass Reinforced Cement) products