Our team of highly skilled craftsmen can tackle any project, big or small.


Fibrous plaster can be moulded into any shape or form.


Plaster work can add style and individuality to any room in the home.


We specialise in traditional restorations.


We take great pride in the detail and precision that goes into our work.


Plastercraft have been manufacturing quality plaster products from the factory in Christchurch since 1951, and continue to do so under the name of Plastercraft Southern Ltd, which was established in 1999.

Whether you’re after a fire surround, cornice, a house lot of wetherslate roofing tiles or just a single light centre, it can be purchased right here on the web via email or from our showroom at 447 St Asaph Street, Christchurch.

Carrying on the traditions of the past, Plastercraft have also diversified into new product lines such as exterior columns, pedestals and numerous custom GRC (Glass Reinforced Cement) products.


We are skilled in creating custom mouldings as well as traditional pieces, tailored by you, to suit your home and your style. Many of our modern pieces draw inspiration from traditional architecture, but with a modern twist. We also restore traditional and heritage pieces, as we recognise the meaning and importance that this has in our city.


If you are looking to make a commercial building look modern, professional and give it that extra impression – we are the masters. Fibrous plaster can be easily moulded into any shape or form. We have done custom plaster work for countless businesses around Christchurch, including Isaac Theatre Royal. No job is too big or too small.


Throughout the centuries, architects and builders have used plaster to capture the character and style of their time, shaping ideas into lasting reality and documenting history. From the traditions of the past to the clean modern lines of today, fibrous plaster can add grace, beauty and individuality to any room.